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This was her last night, no time for the studio..I shot her in the booth. are "moderate." Genitalia, pubic hair, full frontal nudity, fetish images, etc. I guess this girl really looks like unapproachable Hindu God? Her husband is a financial planner and handles peoples money, and he is a pastor too.

Kiss my friends, boy and girls, XXXand ps..all...i'm not a cd or a tv or a crossdresser,.. kissmy guy and girls,xxx She was down here in Orlando and was leaving to go home to Kentucky. Her man and she drove a bigu haul truck to do work on the vacation home of her mom... A good rule of thumb is, bare breasts, bare/thong bottoms, see through topless nudity, nipple covers, etc. So we have silk, veil, beads, bare, nude feet, all colors, fabrics. She was beauty queen in Southern Alabama...brunette with hazel eyes are called the all american woman. We were at an Orlando hotel and I pulled up a chair in the lobby said let me take your picture.. I'm wearing gold necklace, from my collection..diamond rings and watch...off my slide sandal.

I am not a tv, cd, xdresser, crossdresser, but many of my friends are, they love sexy clothes.

She has natural breasts..poses as Barbie, the Chinese version. Wears the kind of dresses that stop traffic..she is insecure. are "restricted."" Princess Wolf at a Public Boat Ramp on Lake Murray, South Carolina! A good rule of thumb is, bare breasts, bare/thong bottoms, see through topless nudity, nipple covers, etc. XXX If you only knew how much touble I went thru to make this look goodand it doesnt seem to come off very well. It did feel good that tickle thing on my face with the fringe and I love glass beads...

i should have worn a new silver anklet...sorry Michael.

I'm not a crossdresser, my ruffles and trim on everything, See section only for genuine girls. ( nothing dirty) Anyone care to eat some sweet cotton candy?

After this i took one hanging off the bed....those legs in the air, that Daddy loves. No shoes, i am not a tv, cd, crossdresser, nature made many friends are. Kiss my boy and girlsxxx sorry, no shoes, no slips, no pantyhose, no stockings, no high heels, Heck, I don't have much to show do I? Her shoes have big crystals...thongs, so glamourous and her toenails painted.is all femme... It's a camisole of black, built in bra, with stones, then the skirt is chiffon see through and tiers of ruffles...the top is washable silkwith black and gold metal paint....

Isn't he fabulous.alcohol and goofy us.i don't smoke but i am so uninhibited.he's a comedian too.( this pink glitter was all over the house..top is not practical..ha)no make up, no panty hose. I'm not a crossdresser but i have many friends who are. This is gorgeous outfit but it doesn't photograph in a snapshot...would take special lighting like my best friend does..make this one show.

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for you fashionistas...i happened to have silk scarf, its polka dots, bought it at other time..so cute.