Aj rafael and alyssa bernal dating is aston merrygold dating natalia rush

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Aj rafael and alyssa bernal dating

RADis RAD was birthed in 2008 as a clothing company based on many fun monster characters.

It soon started to grow in popularity through its many collaborations with some of the top 50 youtube musicians like AJ Rafael, Chester See, Alyssa Bernal, and Cathy Nguyen.

Don't know if anyone actually reads my blogs, if you do let me know what you think about my posts please :)I have been pretty busy with school so I haven't been able to post as much as I have wanted to but I am going to try and fix that.The links below are some of his own websites that provide more information on who he actually is!! Music is a BIG thing these days, but no one ever knows what songs to listen to.But I have also had goals of starting up a talent agency or a record label.Lately, since I have been in my Marketing class I have wanted to do Marketing as a career in the music industry. As of today, I am starting to want to combine all of what I wanted to do.

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So, I was going through youtube looking for new songs and new covers of songs to listen to..