Amber dating three men

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Amber dating three men

However, she was saved for another week when House realized that Cuddy had given her thong to Cole in an attempt to influence his choices. However, when the endgame came up in Games, House decided that Amber had to be the last to be fired.Although he admired Amber's ambition and her ability to play the game, her "win at all costs" attitude wasn't compatible with the job; House said that when one works for him, one had to be able to lose.At the very end of the episode, following a period of cardiac arrest induced by Alzheimer's medication, it is revealed that Amber was the patient he had seen dying.House had been drunk at a bar and called Wilson to pick him up, but Amber was the one who answered the call and followed him onto the bus.When House split up the remaining applicants into men’s and women’s teams in 97 Seconds, Amber asked to be assigned to the men’s team, figuring that if the men won, it would be unlikely that House would wind up hiring nothing but male fellows, although it was clear that if the women won, it was unlikely she would survive the competition against them.She secured her employment, at least for a time, when House paged her just before he electrocuted himself into a cardiac arrest just to prove a point.

However, she was saved when House decided to fire Samira instead.

However, House saw through the deception because Cuddy’s bra that day didn’t match.

Eventually, Cole succeeded in the challenge and picked Amber as one of the two people House would have to choose to fire.

Louis, Missouri; one of the top medical schools in the United States.

She would have also completed a residency in radiology - the use of radiological imaging in the treatment of disease, then a fellowship in interventional radiology.

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However, Wilson settles into Amber’s apartment and it appears the relationship is going to be permanent.

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