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); build from faltering Jeff Buckley whispers to cathartic Jeff Buckley caterwauls; let the strings swell, and... Rice murmurs, "It's a small crime, and I got no excuse," then adds something about a loaded gun.

First time I heard this was in a movie theater before .

Look, you've heard of the non-denial denial, right? And now Rice, a confessional singer/songwriter, alone in the whole world except for fellow avant-gardist and would-be author O. Simpson, has pioneered the next communications vogue: The non-confession confession.

"I have no recollection of that." OK, good, 'cause more recently, the non-apology apology has been sweeping the globe: "I will apologize to Michael J. Simpson's book, , is already out and changes everything.

Still, no professional fink has ever been so explicit as to begin a record with a song called "9 Crimes"-- nor ever kept so fuzzy about what those crimes actually are.

His tales of woe may be tragically real (Elliott Smith) or borne out of a self-mythologized folkie past (early Bob Dylan), but the broken-heart-on-bloodied-sleeve breed of performer exists to make you feel his pain, babe.

" squeals and sadistic, quasi-arty distortion, "Me, My Yoke, and I" is a break from the Rice mold-- and helped me finally identify with was a study in earnestness-by-numbers so unimaginative it could've been self-parody, but it did offer a few resolutely tuneful moments: ubiquitous first single "The Blower's Daughter", bedroom cello ember "Volcano", or the keening but catchy "Cannonball" and its adult-alternative remix.

Damien Rice (born December 7, 1973) is an Irish singer-songwriter.

Arnold liked what he heard and provided enough money for Damien to buy his own mobile studio.

Damien Rice formerly sang with Lisa Hannigan and released his debut solo album, O, in Ireland in early 2002.

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Arnold joined him on stage in New York to perform a version of the Björk/Arnold track Play Dead. Damien Rice is an intense live act - with emphasis laid on emotional intensity and experiments, rather than technical perfection.