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"I don't think I'm ready for that, I just wanna focus on myself and in my work.

I'm really, really focused when it comes to things when it comes to my work, my craft.

Our Flooded Season runs from December through April - summer and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is our cooler and wet season, but keep in mind that we get only a little more than half (60%) of our total rainfall during the flooded season, and it is hot in the Amazon any time of year.

I'm bettering myself, and my music" Jose also added, she doesn't friend with her former partner but she wishes best for him.

Before Benjamin, Julie was rumored to be dating an actor Alden Richards but later they called it a hoax.

During the flooded season the average temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit, 12 degrees cooler than in the dry season.

The flip side of that, however, is that water levels are about 23 feet lower from June to November, which means that many of the creeks and lakes that we visit during the flooded season are inaccessible.The Dry Season in Amazonia coincides with our winter in the Southern Hemisphere (from June to December).This is the warmer season, with temperature averaging about 98 degrees Fahrenheit, and, despite its name, the dry season still gets some heavy rains.You will get to explore more of the waterways of Amazonia, and will have access to plant life and wildlife areas that you might miss during the dry season.Also, that extra 23 feet puts travelers much closer to the jungle canopy, where monkeys play and our beautiful Amazon birds like to roost.

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There are great benefits to traveling at this time of year.

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