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I immediately yanked his boxers down and went to work. He has one of the nicest dicks — and of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s Latin. I assumed this was one of those suck my dick and we’re good things, but then he said the magic words, “Let’s fuck.” He took me to their bedroom and pulled my clothes off … He didn’t say much — just kept stroking his dick and then, squirted some lube on his dick …and then on my hole — and fingered me for a bit before sliding his dick inside me. Anyway, we fucked for like an hour or so - he dumped in me twice and was one of the hottest fucks I’ve had in a while. I never planned on anything like this ever happening, but I’m glad it did. Of course, LUST immediately set in, but I knew I wasn’t going to pursue it. As we worked our way through the details and he approved things, I felt like he was prolonging everything and eventually it just happened. I’m a regular bloke and am basically never identified as gay unless it’s by someone fucking the hell out of me. I know a lot of gay guys do, but I’m not interested in pursuing someone that’s not going to happen (if that makes sense). So, the first thing I immediately noticed was that I could clearly see his bulge through his loose fitting shorts. Today was the first experience I’ve ever had with a straight man.

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