Dating a convicted sex offender

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He was sentenced to 10 years in prison but was released in 2013.

Minaj hasn’t addressed the latter issue, however, she did reply to a comment on her Instagram defending Petty from rape allegations, writing, “He was 15, she was 16…

I'm not sure of his situation and I know you trust him, but keep a watchful eye when he is around your kids.

Yes the biological dad can use this situation as an advantage to take full custody of your children if he were to find out.

i guess i need to lokk into the case a little more then. I agree with you about the 'signs' they can go undetected. I will research some more before I subject the kids anymore. I plan to look at concrete evidence and court info also. Thanks again Sometimes these situations are a one time occurrence, but usually not.

We have been dating for a while and he has just told me about this. Thank Oh, the daughter that this happened to never said it did. This all cams about after he caught her cheating and left her. They were married 6 yrs and in the process of divorcing. Someone sentenced for breaking and entering has a much better chance of not entering the system again then someone sentenced to aggravated sexual assault of a minor.

It features interviews with four paroled child molesters who provide candid insight into how they preyed on their victims and important information detailing how parents can protect their children; interviews with three survivors of childhood sexual abuse; and a demonstration by an FBI Special Agent who details the dangers of online chat rooms.

(RELATED: Nicki Minaj Says She Is Celibate) As far as we know, the man’s name is Kenneth Petty and Nicki has called him one of her first loves.

The two seem to have reunited around Nicki’s 36th birthday.

The female rapper is reportedly rekindling with a former boyfriend but a few things have changed since the last time they dated.

Sources close to Nicki told TMZ that the “Anaconda” rapper is dating the same guy she used to date when she was living in Queens, New York back when she was just 16 years old.

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So you think the prosecutor stood in front of the jury and said "this guy did it" and got a conviction? There are MANY types of evidence...physical evidence like you see collected on TV shows like CSI is only ONE example - other examples include circumstantial evidence or witness testimony.

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