Dating a serial cheater speed dating madrid jovenes

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Dating a serial cheater

Their first affair is thought to be an aberration, having nothing to do with friendships and the emotional needs that they fulfill.So they remain vulnerable for more affairs that they usually have. Since I define a serial cheater as someone who intends to cheat before a relationship develops, by my definition, they are not. If affairs are with intent or through sheer stupidity, if they continue in marriage, they have the same effect: unimaginable suffering for the betrayed spouse.For them, it's an achievement – something they can be proud of doing.So the difference between most of the cases of infidelity that I have witnessed and serial cheating is a matter of initial intent.They certainly didn't want to repeat that ordeal, so they learned how to avoid affairs in the future by following the extraordinary precautions that I recommend.But serial cheaters don't regard an affair as a mistake.Is Everyone with a History of Multiple Affairs a Serial Cheater?

They try to hook up at bars, shopping centers, and even church with just enough success to keep them going.They don't think that they're at risk for having an affair: They simply want someone to talk to.In other cases, emotional needs are being adequately met in the marriage, but the spouse has allowed another person to meet that need, and they find that they enjoy having their needs met by two people.After the affair is over, however, and they remain married, there are some who don't learn from the mistakes they made when they had their first affair.They continue to have close friendships with those of the opposite sex, allowing these friends to make the massive Love Bank deposits that trigger the feeling of romantic love.

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As emotional needs are being met, innocently, the romantic love threshold is eventually breached, and the couple find themselves in love with each other.

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