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The Inner Circle expands to San Francisco, Toronto and Los Angeles.The Amsterdam-based, selective dating app, also announces that it now has 900,000 members.You even, as of this month, have a chance of finding a partner if you are a cow (Tudder).But despite such countless options, an increasing proportion of the UK is single.The possibilities for finding your perfect match certainly seem endless.

Recently, the banking company Revolut released a faux-sympathetic advert addressed to “the 12,750 people who ordered a single takeaway on Valentine’s Day”. ” Before criticism turned to the revelation that the company had made up the data, anger was directed at the tone of the advert.

“The pressure to be in relationships,” Swami says, “and the perception that there is something ‘wrong’ with remaining single, can create a drive or need to be on dating apps.” But far from easing the discontent of being single, many young people feel that dating apps have amplified it.

Dating apps have added to the pressure of finding someone,” says 24-year-old account manager Adam George.

, in which he describes love and marriage as “narrative traps”.

“Think back on your bedtime stories as a child,” he writes, “and I bet these words are lodged somewhere in your brain: ‘…and they fell in love, got married, and lived happily ever after.’ These imagined happy endings stick with us as adults.” Viren Swami, social psychology professor at Anglia Ruskin University, argues that dating apps often work as outlets to pursue such “happy endings”.

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We believe Facebook will help us further destroy the hook-up culture and strengthen the market where connecting through mutual interests will be the key to long-term relationships.”Every day The Inner Circle allows 1,500 new members on the platform.

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