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Play this game and find out which style you like better!This is kind of a "choose your own adventure" game in which you play a ghost trapped between two worlds - a ghost that just happens to love getting fucked. Play as the pink-haired kunoichi as she tries desperately to seduce one of the other genin from her village! Sakura has four stats, which can be customized at the start of the game. The visuals were clearly made by an amateur artist. Sakura has decided to be passive and reserved no longer! Romance Rock Lee, Naruto, or Sasuke, and finally make your anime ships into reality! Sakura has decided to be passive and reserved no longer! I will try to pursue other careers for the meantime and maybe, just maybe, I could come back again and make games.

https://io/tentacle-locker Check it out if you're interested, and hey its also free to download ^^ Its a game where you grab girls into lockers and sex em!Are you a good guy, a snarky badass, or a corny flirt?Your choices will lead down various paths and the endings of each episode carry over.The dating simulators can be quite exciting, so you might want to start there and work your way up.Have you ever wondered what would happen is Ben from Ben 10, and his cousin Gwen fucked in beautifully rendered 3D?

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Chakra will increase your daily energy and also help you in battle. The game ends when you finally have sex with any of the guys. There is only one sex scene per bachelor, adding up to three sex scenes in total.

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