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When a man grabs woman’s hand, it could mean several things as well: There are several sites that assign special meanings to different hand holding styles, but they do not cite any references and should be probably viewed only as entertainment reading.♦ A word about dominance Most books on body language will tell you that when it comes to holding hands, the dominant partner’s hand always ends up on the top.

However, Temple university study performed back in 1998 showed that there could be several other factors that affect the way we hold hands:♦ What to do when your romantic partner doesn’t want to hold your hand Holding hands in public is not for everyone.

In body language you can think of your personal items (e.g, a handbag, cigarettes etc.) like extensions of your body.

If you two sit at the table, there is an unspoken rule that says that half of that table is for you and the other half is for the other person [Source:].

Holding Hands With Friends Firstly, holding hands sends the message that you are proud to be with that person.

» Cultural differences » What does it mean when someone holds your hand?

Holding hands with a person of another sex is generally seen as a romantic gesture in most cultures.

Unless you want to be misunderstood, avoid holding hands with people you are not interested in even if they initiate the contact.

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Some women will move their handbags towards the men they like as a flirtatious gesture; this is an attempt to communicate their readiness to become closer with that person [Source: ♦ Cultural differences Just like everything else in body language, holding hands may be perceived differently in different cultures.

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