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It's a bit like disarming a bomb; once I open that sucker, I'm on countdown.

If I don't take action in a timely manner, I risk offending the recipient, or worse -- looking like a total flippin' loser by hesitating.

Bermuda has resisted attempts of UK labor and other non-government politicians to show other details of companies, such as their inter-corporate involvements, beneficial ownership, financial disclosures, management and directors, etc. Private companies, such as those held by royalty or heads of state, etc.

are not listed and none of their details are available.

In fact, I For the uninformed, a read receipt is a tiny gray notification that pops up within an i Message conversation that lets someone know you've opened, and presumably read, their text.

Like the "Seen" notification on Facebook Messenger, they make it impossible to claim plausible deniability, so most people don't use them except by accident until a miffed friend tips them off to go adjust their settings.

They are name, date of incorporation and registration number of all companies listed.

No other details of any publicly registered company are shown or publicly available, except on a specific authorized need-to-know basis, such as from the designated tax authorities of national governments.

Reciprocal links are thus strategically important, yet relatively few websites show a Links section."text" or "banner" or logo or photo links.If your website is not in Bermuda and/or not Bermuda-relevant and you are not prepared to reciprocate with a cross-link, sorry, we cannot link to you.Also, if your own country's laws are different to those applicable here in Bermuda, it may not be appropriate to link.Mutual or reciprocal electronic or hyper-linkage on a non-exclusive basis, meaning each website is free to link to other websites of their choice too is more than just a professional courtesy, it serves a uniquely useful purpose.Mutual links quickly and easily allow third party readers to zero in on your organization to get needed information including the times and dates, etc.

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I had my i Phone for about three days when, mid-text conversation with a friend, I got this abrupt warning: "BTW your read receipts are on." Newly converted from Android, I had no clue what this meant -- but I continued to receive various iterations of this cryptic text, and to this day I still occasionally do.