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Not trust the body (to be strong, graceful, reliable, healthy) 15.

Suffer emotional abreactions: reliving the emotions of the abuse when confronted with specific stimuli, e.g.

(All my women clients who report this symptom admit it only comes when reading, but I have a small sample.) It should be clear that the effects of childhood sexual abuse are long term and insidious. The important thing is to accept that if ‘something doesn’t feel right’, it probably isn’t. Tell me what is sexual about a 2 or 3 year old running and giggling because she got out of the bathroom after her bath and is enjoying the escape.

And that there is no shame for what was done to you. Kids are not sexual – unless a perpetrator has taught them to be.

It reinforces the message they were given during the abuse that said “this is your fault” or “you like it”.

This message is incredibly complicated if the victim experienced arousal during the abuse. This isn’t a person who is aroused looking at a child but only when reading about the abuse done to children. They are always impacted by the role the client has adopted to handle the stress of her family of origin. They can be resolved, diminished or made manageable.

This is usually part of PTSD, but that deserves a post of its own, because of the complexity of the topic. Arousal when reading about a child who’s been victimized.

Have eating disorders, alcoholism andor/ virtually every form of addiction, including sex 7.

Abuse themselves – cutting, picking at the skin, burning (usually from cigarettes) 8.

Cultural myths surrounding the sexual abuse and assault of boys and men can be serious obstacles to understanding and healing, so it’s important to learn just how wrong they are.

Before exploring the myths, though, here are some key facts: Everyone absorbs the myth that males aren’t victims, to some extent.

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It’s central to masculine gender socialization, and boys pick up on it very early in life.

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