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He went on to compare his downstairs to an Xbox Controller – bearing in mind the standard size of a controller is around 13.1 inches (hmmm! Five stars for being that confident but dude, seriously? Eventually, he opened up and it soon became time to click that un-match button.He claimed that his front was an average size of 5.8 inches to be exact. ) Needless to say, this ALMOST became a very deep conversation, but my inner sass came out and quickly unmatched. Dude Six was my ultimate favourite and did make me laugh out loud, literally.

The long and the short of it is that dimensions matter and that, while there’s no clear “Golden Penis Ratio,” girth may be more important than people realize.Unfortunately for me, my naïve, innocence got brutally destroyed.I guess that’s what you get for joining an on-line dating app and asking crude questions.Needless to say, I’ve been dubbed the most forward person on and liked for my openness.Most were honest, but I guess two can play at the game. Luckily for me, 23 people declined my offer of sharing their size.

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