Dating relationship breakups

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“Specifically, your ventromedial prefrontal cortex — that's the part of your brain that judges the other person.” If that’s off, you’re not going judgmental on someone — you’re just going googly.“It's also why they say love is blind,” she says, “because you really can't see the other person for who they really are; you just think they are wonderful.”But this doesn’t last.“Both partners are realizing this is about the rest of our lives, and that is a scary concept.”If your past wasn’t too awesome on the relationship front, this can lead to big problems.“People who have grown up in divorced or single parent households have little experience of what good marriages look like,” she says.So why is it that people are so prone to splits in the beginning?Here's what nine relationships experts had to say about the matter.“The first year of a relationship can be a very exciting time, but it doesn't come without challenges,” Bizzoco tells Bustle.

Sociologist Michael Rosenfeld tracked more than 3,000 people since 2009 to find out what happens to relationships over time.), on Mondays, during summer holidays, two weeks before Christmas, and on Christmas itself.“There is a pressure, a feelings of cleansing and starting anew, and a want to be free during these times which increases the rates of breakups,” Martinez says.But don’t dread every Monday: This only happens when it needs to.“For instance, we know that around the three-to-four-month mark, we know that the representative [image] typically fades away.” By then, you really start seeing your partner.“Between the five-to-six-month mark, people are typically really trying to decipher their feelings, and by the seventh-to-ninth-month mark, they are trying to determine if they really want to be with you.”Coming up on a year, stuff gets real.

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