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Noke showed the first Doulton figures (the so-called Vellum collection) at the Chicago Exhibition in 1893 and 20 years later was responsible for launching a designated range of figure models - known as the HN (Harry Nixon) collection - while the first character jugs,, arrived in 1934.Although made across a century in a bewildering variety of subjects, styles and colours, Doulton figures and 'tobys' are instantly recognised and widely collected around the English-speaking world.All Royal Doulton lines offer purchasing opportunities right across the price spectrum from £5 to £15,000.

Some were expensive mistakes (in 1984 the was remodelled to reduce production costs in the post-War climate).

Figures may represent only one small part of Royal Doulton's output but the HN series range, which began in 1913 with 20 figures (HN1 was the Charles Vyse figure of a small boy in a nightshirt that Queen Mary christened The inspiration for the collection has been extraordinarily diverse - child studies, fashionable ladies, occupations, nationalities, historical figures, literature et al - and, across a century of production, has embraced the full range of predominant decorative styles.

Some of the early modellers were well known sculptors in their own right - including Pheobe Stabler and Charles Vyse - while other names such as Arthur 'Leslie' Harradine and Margaret May 'Peggy' Davies are simply synonymous with Royal Doulton.

He had spent 15 years at the Royal Worcester factory before he became chief modeller at Doulton in 1889 where he remained the dominant creative force for half a century.

Until his death in 1941 (one of his last models was a character jug of Winston Churchill) he oversaw many of the factory's most popular 20 century lines including the rich brown glazed Kingsware, the practical and decorative Series Ware and the range of loving cups and jugs modelled with scenes from British literature and history.

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As a general rule, the most desirable figures come from the first half of the 20 century.

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