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And the reality is that you’re angry with yourself for doing so much to begin with.This is when it’s important to take a step back and address the issue: are you mad at him for his actions, or frustrated with yourself for going above and beyond, without receiving anything in return? Once you can address and determine why you’re feeling this way you can begin to know how to control your anger effectively.If you’ve ever encountered resistance from a man when you share your feelings, think about whether you were actually sharing your feeling or whether you were making a judgement about his behavior or the situation. He can’t hear you past this because he feels blamed, criticized and wrong.Instead, focus on the actual feeling you are experiencing: “I feel really weird talking about this, and I don’t like feeling angry about such a small thing as ‘time’, but I feel crummy when I’m waiting for someone.” Notice how you’re not directly making him responsible for your feelings.If you’re often feeling let down by a man, ask yourself if you’re trying to dictate the course of your relationship.Often we’ll create a script in our heads of how a relationship is ‘supposed to be,’ and we end up disappointed.In trying to manage a man and a relationship, you also lose out on discovering how a man truly feels about you.

So, once you’ve expressed your feelings, tell him what you don’t want.You are letting him know exactly what’s going on with you without blaming him.He won’t feel the need to get defensive, and he’ll be able to listen to what you want to say next.When we’re angry or upset with a man, it’s natural to want to tell him what we want him to do about it.But doing this causes a man to resist since he doesn’t want to be told what to do or how to do it!

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You then have to learn to control your anger because you have been bottling it up.

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