Delphi data aware controls not updating

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Delphi data aware controls not updating

If the program is ready using the client library, the unit has to be 'released'.

Database use in Lazarus (or Free Pascal) is fundamentally based on the TDataset class.

Most of these bindings packages are hard-linked to the client libraries.

This means that if the application is compiled with one of these units in it, the whole application can not be linked if the client libraries are not available on the workstation.

The binding units can be found in the packages/base directory in the fpc-sources.Some dataset descendants link directly to database tables, while others use additional components or libraries to perform the link.Dataset descendants, being non-visual components are (usually) part of the Free Component Library (FCL) rather than the Lazarus Component Library (LCL).This means that your program executable will not be generated if you do not have installed - for example - a My SQL client on your computer, and you are using the mysql4unit in your program.If you succeed in compiling the program on a computer which has the My SQL client libraries installed, it still won't start on any other machine without the appropriate My SQL client libraries.

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This page is an introduction to the topic 'Lazarus and databases'.

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