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On their much-tested home page, they message their pricing at one point as “ per month” in order to help the visitor make better sense of what Crazy Egg costs versus what the competitor charges: In fact, their price is charged annually – not monthly – as we can see here: Hiten Shah and his team have tested their home page and their pricing page thoroughly, and the controls you see above continue to beat all tested treatments.

So there is reason to believe that dividing a large fee into smaller pieces in your messaging – even if the person won’t pay those smaller prices – is worth testing.

In a now-classic study published in the Journal of Marketing Research and repeated in the excellent Yes!

50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive, Williams-Sonoma had a 5 bread maker listed in their print catalog, and almost no one was buying it.

But, inevitably, when it comes time for our prospects to lay down their credit cards, they can’t help but return to worries about price and affordability again. If you know you’re product is priced appropriately, don’t rush to drop your price or offer discounts.

Instead, use a handful of the following price-positioning and anchoring strategies on your site, and win a few more conversions from your most budget-conscious visitors.

If you want to make a house look big, put a tent next to it.

If you want to make a house look small, put a skyscraper next to it.

Check out this snippet of a Culligan print ad: Crazy Egg does a great job of dividing a larger price into smaller pieces.Don’t compare it to the price of a necessity or something with lasting value.If your audience is comprised of small businesses, the prices for things like printer toner and water for the cooler can be irritating costs that lack the value your offering has.After creating awesome questions to ask a guy, we also felt it necessary to add “Questions to ask a girl” section.All of our sections have commenting available, so it would be very much appreciated it you would drop a line and add your own suggestions or feedback.

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