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Fedora updating gdb

Instead, use -- this makes the test harness and browser process share the outermost process.

The behavior of openbox is markedly different when it comes to focus management and other window tasks, so test that runs fine locally may fail or be flaky on try bots.Instead, you can set the prefix to point to this shell script: When debugging both the browser and renderer process, you might want to have separate set of breakpoints to hit.You can use gdb's command files to accomplish this by putting breakpoints in separate files and instructing gdb to load them.That would allow you to get a backtrace and see some local variables, though you won’t be able to step through the running program.Note: If you‘re interested in debugging Linux Sandbox IPC process, you can attach to 694 in the above diagram.

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The Linux Sandbox IPC process has the same command line flag as the browser process so that it’s easy to identify it if you run flag is also required, as there are known crashes that occur under Texture Image Transport Surface without it.

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