Finnish dating culture

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Finnish dating culture

People traditionally put presents in the pillowcase. Bride gives her wedding crown to one of single women present at the wedding reception. Like in some other countries the Finnish bride is often kidnapped by the groom's friends. To get her back the groom has to accomplish some tasks. Finnish newlyweds often feed each other with the cake.

She was accompanied by an old man holding an umbrella. A bride has her maid of honour or "kaaso" like she is known in Finland. The couple once used a car with some "decorations" on its exhaust pipe. This should show that they will always care for each other. In parts of Finland people believe that the person whose hand is placed above the hand of the other partner will be the dominate in their life.

^^ Here are the 4 simple steps: To get a Finnish boyfriend, drinking is essential! CHOYA, umeshu, red wine, white wine, tequila, cocktails, beer…you get my drift! Oh anyway, somehow the body temperature of a Finn and that of a Chinese person is different–the Finn’s body temperature is always higher. If however, you end up with a Business Finn, those gentlemen tend to be a little bit harder to fathom, because they believe in “the Art of being Vague” and are more political. [For more ambitious girls, read–3 Reasons why you should go for a Finnish guy above your league.

Then hang out at some random parties so that you can talk to the boy! If you try to confess to 5 guys in sequence, I’m sure you’d get (at least) 1 Finnish guy! #easiestpostever OK I’m done –have a great week ahead!

An example of a Finnish joke: “An introverted Finn looks at his shoes when talking to you; an extroverted Finn looks at your shoes”.

However, after reading this article about them you will be equipped with the basic knowledge you need in order to understand them.

Finland is a gorgeous country with only 5 million Finns as residents.

But the Finnish coast invites you for many great experiences throughout the year.

Beautiful Finnish women are very sophisticated and have high standards.

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I haven’t heard of a Finnish boy rejecting a girl before–so you should be fine if you’re proactive! I guess this post was so easy because Finnish boys are pretty uncomplicated.

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