Flirt dating az

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Flirt dating az

When suspicious users message you, Flirt gives you a notification that that particular person is under observation for anti-scam activity.Flirt stresses that choosing to interact with that particular person will be solely dependent on your common sense.You can request other members to add more information to their profiles if they have not filled out some of the information fields yet.

Women, on the other hand, can reply to messages from other users for free.

These features help members who are looking for something fun and casual rather than to find love and serious relationships. There is a good percentage of users in every continent, but the biggest comes from the United States.

Members of Flirt are usually within the younger age range of 20-35.

There are quite a number of obvious fake profiles in Flirt.

These profiles use celebrity photos as their profile pictures even if it is not allowed.

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The first one is to send winks, and the second one is to send messages.