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Free sex chat watersports

I had just finished my junior year at the University of Miami and was on summer break.Dad was gone on business as usual, which left me alone for the week with my new stepmom.The morning arrived, shafts of sunlight pressing in through gaps in the thick curtains. I had been dreaming of the ‘Kitty Litter’ and of a pressing need to return for another outdoor pee with other girls from the University.In my dream I had been denied my intent, always turned around before I could reach the spot by the tall spreading oak that had...

Everyone here is into watersports, whether it's pee sex such as giving or receiving golden showers, or pee play such as desperation, holding and wetting clothes, beds, diapers or peeing in naughty places.

Having been caught having a leak of my own by one of the teachers had initially been a shock but it had been the same teacher who had suggested that the fun had yet to begin.

The hours of my first day had flown by with a brief guide around...

Read On Added: | Category: Watersports | Words: 849 | Tags: pee piss toilet naughty golden shower wee | 4 Comments I had no idea my new stepmom was so kinky...

It all started the summer before I graduated college.

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A tied and bound Lesley cannot help but start to pee. The feeling of euphoria as the pressure in my bladder began to ease was nothing compared to the thrill I received as a sudden nearby gasp revealed that those who had captured me had caught sight of my toilet.