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Nobody at the label would return our calls and we eventually had to just show up to try and get acknowledgment that we could leave our contract and make another record which we had trouble obtaining for quite a while.All of the other labels that we talked to were afraid of Epitaph's lawyers, so we started financing FWT ourselves.Along the lines of the bipolar issue, a great many fantastic artists don't fall within the normal range of "acceptable mental health:" Lee “Scratch” Perry, George Clinton, Darby Crash.Do you fear that dealing with those issues may cost you some artistic prowess, or, is that concept a complete misnomer? Well, the guys on your list have done a lot of drugs.There are so many ways to define an inside job in a conspiracy as large as 9/11. Fuck World Trade featured some wonderful ballads and introspective songs.It’s basically impossible for the events to have unfolded as they did without involvement of people in the U. How had you grown as a person between Mediocre Generica and FWT?

But despite the album's bleak overtones, the band was able to slip in ghoulish humor between the horrors. Because Fat Wreck Chords just re-released the album, Punknews' John Gentile and Ricky Frankel spoke to Lo C frontman Scott Sturgeon about Fuck World Trade's significance, tacos and the upcoming LP.Leftover Crack's second LP, Fuck World Trade, is one of those rare records that is both timely and timeless.When it was released in 2004, it commented directly on the 9/11 tragedy and the War on Terrorism. references against commentary on privately run prisons, songs about getting wasted were snapped next to the timeless tale of getting kicked out of the house by your parents.When you say Fuck World Trade, how absolute are you in that statement? Or, Is it a invitation to ponder how large-scale world trade has hurt people in poorer countries?World trade has been affecting poorer, less militarized countries and communities negatively since agriculture changed the way that human societies evolved around 10,000 years ago.

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I suppose that all of this extra time gave us the ability to write more intricate songs and I definitely read a lot of books and researched my subjects before writing lyrics.

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  2. Isabelle an ex war photographer dies as a result of a car crash near their house which plummets her family into a vow of silence in which they each suppress their real feelings towards her death.