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When a woman gets wet it means that her body is naturally responding to sexual desire and stimulation.

During a state of woman´s arousal, more blood flows to the area of her genitals causing them to swell and lubricate the vagina. Skip introduction and go directly to see Female’s most Erogenous Zones It goes without saying that if you want to know how to make a girl wet, you are trying to have sex with her that will be pleasurable for both of you, which is a very good and healthy approach.

Flirt with a girl and even if she is not exactly into you, she will definitely entertain the attention.

Watch this expert video to learn how to flirt with girls and succeed, regardless of your looks.

But once that happens, you better get ready to lead, as she will become a lot more open to receive you. You just need to share some sort of connection which will bring you closer to each other.

Some guys resort to using lubrication products if their partner is not wet enough for penetration.

So let us briefly take a more scientific approach and look at the wonderful female body and see which parts can be stimulated to get her more excited.

Here is an infographic which shows the most erogenous (sensual) zones in women based on a survey of 1500 researched subjects.

TIP: A timeless technique for getting a girl to relax, ease any tension, and make yourself more approachable is to make her laugh.

She needs to feel safe with you in order to open up completely.

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But perhaps nature´s cruel joke is that what most girls like in bed and what gets them wet, is often not the same as what most guys think about doing, or even enjoy doing.