Gifted adult dating website

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Gifted adult dating website

What is different about these adolescents is the *way* they cope, the psychological tools (and wounds) and the mental processing they bring to the process.

Here, as in all other aspects of life, there is an asynchrony to their development (Columbus Group, 1991).

Little has been written about gifted adolescents and sexuality.

Surviving the transition from school to the “real world” can be rough, navigating a work place where each boss seems dumber than the next takes a toll, and negotiating meaningful social relationships can sometimes leave you confused and alone.When the relationship broke up she suffered great difficulties re-establishing herself in her previous life, and the severe questions about her sexual identity that remained did not get resolved for many years.Like all other adolescents, the highly gifted must cope with raging hormones, with the issues of gender and sexual identity, religious and moral values, relational commitments and social implications.They can point out that such entanglements interfere with higher education and/or career plans.The other side of this coin, of course, is the fact that romantic or sexual relationships really *can* interfere with higher education and career choices, so highly gifted adolescents who might be ready (and even eager) for such relationships may feel it necessary to avoid them in order to move head with important life plans.

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Some, wanting love as well as (or more than) sex, are looking for a person who is compatible intellectually and temperamentally.

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