Henry county ga dating

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Henry county ga dating

This ensures that women victims are heard and helped, and abusers are brought to justice.

The creation of the Henry STOP VAW Alliance in 2010 (SERVICES - TRAINING - OFFICERS – PROSECUTION of VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN) provides a comprehensive collaboration of professionals dedicated to stopping violence against women and encouraging victims to cooperate with law enforcement, prosecution and the courts to see justice served on their abusers.

Training being composed by and for the stakeholders means that victim advocates are also valuable instructors for law enforcement. The ability to cross-train all stakeholders in services provided to women victims of violent crime ensures that Henry County’s practices and procedures are operationally sound and that system professionals are victim-dedicated no matter what their function.

Training sessions feature Samantha Duncan of the Haven House and Monica Evans of the Southern Crescent Sexual Assault Center who provide shelter updates and new and regular services offered by their respective entities for victims of violence against women.

These stakeholders work together to ensure that Henry County victims acquire needed services and that their abusers bear responsibility for their actions.

With daily communication, extensive training, victim outreach, and access to technology, the stakeholders can follow a domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or dating violence case from inception to conclusion.

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