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“It certainly confirmed our belief that our pooch was one in a million.” Vets say that the dog's life won't be different in any way - other than it affecting whether Rosie, now six months old, can be a mother.But Miss Beardshaw is not bothered as she has no intention of breeding her.

I thought they might look at me oddly or make comments, but they treated me like any other mum-to-be.

The chances of a pup being a hermaphrodite are one in a million and Miss Beardshaw is still not sure if Rosie could become a mother or a father.

Care assistant Miss Beardshaw said: “I could not believe it when the vet turned around and said Rosie had a penis.

For the first eight years of my life, I had no idea I was different.

At a week old, I had been placed in a shoebox and left on the steps of a convent in the UK.

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“The vet said he's never seen anything like it before and took her around to show all the nurses in the clinic.” Miss Beardshaw says that the vet told her to monitor her development but believes she is more female than male given the positioning of the penis.

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