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It’s uncommon for foreigners to date someone much older than themselves.

But dating someone older than you does have benefits.

You may be wondering what kind of Thai person dates a foreigner.

There are lots of reasons why Thais date foreigners, some good, some bad.

There is less thought that the Thai is only looking for money or a visa.Second, they may be better established in their careers.This means you and your date can share the costs of dating.Other Thai women like to fell assured that they are beautiful just the way they are. Dating someone around your age, lets say /- 5 years, carries a number of advantages. With a closer age range people in Thailand will think you’re dating rather than think you’re in a financial situation.Thais place a lot of value on appearance and sometimes Thai women feel they need plastic surgery and lighter skin to appeal to Thai men. A common idea about dating in Thailand is that there is a big age gap between partners. As language and culture can be an issue, being a similar age means you’ll have more in common to talk about.

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There are many benefits to dating someone in the same social class.

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