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A great strategy for setting this frame is to mention some awesome thing at your house you’d like to show her.

Do this innocuously at the start of the date, then change the subject as if it’s no big deal.

It’s fancy enough to not disgust her, yet not such a big deal that she freaks out.

Most importantly, sex is just a five-minute walk away.

Some women are still stifled by the old-fashioned opinion that sex on the first date is too promiscuous.

The fear of being branded a ‘slut’ terrifies them more than most things, which is why they’ll often play hard to get, even if they like you.

If you don’t have anything cool, try ranting about some cool movie your roommates were watching on Netflix recently.

Then, when you suggest showing her it later on, it appears far more innocent.

That’s why I always grab coffees, food or cocktails at the bar nearest my house.

Physicality is really awkward when there’s some table separating you, so choose a bar where there’s plenty of sofas.

Alternatively, somewhere where you’ll be standing/walking/dancing. Now, you can build up the playful touches as the encounter goes on.

Yet, there are so many good first dates that don’t end like this, and it’s usually because the man has put some unnecessary obstacles in the way.

The worst thing is that they often don’t even realise.

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