Importance of validating feelings

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Importance of validating feelings

Psychologists call such a group of people with a shared identity as an in-group.

Occasionally, you might choose to value yourself based on the opinion of your in-group.

Don’t let your life choices be determined by other’s opinions. Hundreds of similar statements are coated as self-improvement advice around the term “validation.” Let’s start with a cute food story.

While placing a home delivery order from a nearby restaurant, my friend (let’s call him Mark because it’s a cool name) turned to me. Neither of us had tried the food at this place before. The food’s taste wasn’t going to change, but Mark felt contented to have my approval onboard.

You know one of those moments when you’re looking for people to tell you that you’re doing fine ().

You don’t want people to shove how-to advice and the practicality of the situation in your face. via GIPHY Until recently, I was that cocky guy that pushed elaborative 10 minute-advice down people’s throats.

Similarly, you might regularly confirm your choice of clothes with someone else. You desire to get accepted by others and feel accomplished.

Turns out, seeking validation and encouragement are everyday activities for most of us.

Your first response should be empathetic by saying things like: Remember I told you about how you hang out with people sharing similar interests?Your casual tap on their shoulders might give them the strength to step outside their comfort zones.Take it from me – Don’t hunt, analyze, and hand out unsolicited solutions to people in every conversation.As long as you don’t consider Facebook as an extension of your identity and get obsessed forcing people to ‘like’ your updates, you’re doing fine.Likewise, it’s not difficult to search for instances in your everyday conversations when you want to feel encouraged.

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You’ll be more confident that what you believe is indeed true.