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In desperation, he turns to Marcellus for help, while Liz combs the scene of the kidnapping for clues.

Mike becomes a local hero after killing a mugger in self-defence, but struggles to come to terms with his new-found notoriety.

He also has mixed feelings when he learns that Heather is dating Ryan, who is lavishing fatherly affection on Mikey.

Mike takes care of his ailing father, while Grizz's growing attraction to Beth, coupled with what he sees as the bishop's lack of confidence and support, prompts him to consider leaving the priesthood.

He receives "inside" help from within the police force from his ex-partner Marcellus Washington (Andre Braugher), who often comes close to risking his own career.However, the accusations lose Heather her job and Mike must face the prospect of her moving away with their son.Mike incurs his father's wrath when he enlists Marcellus' help in an attempt to free a man he wrongly sent to prison.His ex-boss attempts to entice him back by offering to call in a favour and restore his tarnished reputation.A woman enlists Mike as a bodyguard, explaining that she is being followed - though her stalker has never been seen.

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