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Many of the oldsters who were around when CSS was just a dream and Ajax was still used to scrub toilets also traded reminiscences of Burning Man, tech society's annual prom.

Pownce was built on a variation of the LAMP stack: Debian GNU/Linux, Apache, My SQL, and Python.

Scene: We were mobbed briefly around the photo booth at 330 Ritch, former gay bathhouse and setting for the public launch of Yahoo's location-based mobile social thing, Fire Eagle.

"Melissa, I want you to meet Cal Henderson," she said, presenting Flickr's head of engineering. Henderson shook my hand and didn't mind at all when I said it was really his longtime companion toss back at you," I added. We've been remiss in informing you of this: Cal Henderson, the eminently scalable Flickr engineer, and Leah Culver, the shrill-voiced cofounder of Pownce, San Francisco's favorite way to share MP3 files while evading copyright cops, broke up some time ago.

The Mozilla Foundation, maker of the Firefox browser, feigned poverty by renting just half the gallery space and serving up crudités and issuing one drink ticket per guest, only later splurging by opening up the bar.

There was some awkward dancing to Soft Cell's "Tainted Love," old jean jackets embroidered with the Netscape logo, a gargantuan chocolate cake and a photo booth.

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Pownce was centered on sharing messages, files, events, and links with friends.