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Linq xml updating file

Hi This is following on from here As a learning exercise I'm retrieving and updating an XML file of TV show information It occurred to me that it's possible to have multiple seasons to the same TV show so I adjusted the XML accordingly TV.XML Hi trevor1940; It may look cumbersome but it is a helper function so you only write it once and use it from anywhere.Most want to use JSON since it's the newer file format on the block.With a large amount of legacy applications requiring maintenance, every developer should know how to manage and manipulate their XML instead of the other way around.

Listing A Because of the namespace LINQPad doesn't find the rows.So, rather than wasting time looking for the solution, I decided to write the XPath as //node()[local-name(.) = 'Row'], which works as the test LINQ query (Listing B).Listing B The example in Listing B also shows the logic necessary for stepping through the rows and the XPath to get the individual cell's values.To create a new Xml Document using XDocument, you begin with a Xml Namespace and continue to work your way down the tree by including more and more nodes.To recreate the sample loaded XML starting at Location, here is the proper XDocument syntax to create a new Location.

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The final part of the puzzle is the LINQ to SQL, the database insert.

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