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If you have been raped or sexually assaulted, it is not your fault.

Late on the night that was technically no longer my birthday, two women were in bed with me. To say I was obsessed with her would be putting it lightly. A series of grand and momentous and pointless unities that most of us take for granted. These points of connection, the crucial vibrations that give the universe its rhythm — they’re missing. Globally, the number of people with a “disabling hearing loss” is 380 million.

Police in Forestville, Maryland are looking for the man accused of attempting to sexually assault a woman who had asked for directions earlier this month.

The police have released a sketch of the man and a map of where the incident happened, which you can see at WTOP's news site here.

Sometimes abuse isn’t easy to recognize; some forms of it, such as emotional, psychological or sexual abuse, cannot be seen like cuts and bruises. Domestic violence happens when your intimate partner (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner) scares you, threatens you or forces you to do things you do not want to. Forms of abuse common to Deaf individuals include: Domestic violence and sexual assault occur in every community and it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, young or old, hearing or Deaf, or Hard of Hearing. See how you can tell if you are being sexually assaulted and how to prevent it.

Sexual assault means someone has sexual contact with you without your permission.

We have a program called START (Safe Therapeutic Assault Response Team) located in Royal Oak, MI.

And, perhaps most prevalent, people who can’t hear don’t want to be perceived as “old.”I was loath to acknowledge my own deafness for years. I still struggle to “come out” — to partners, to bosses, to friends, to health care providers, and to people who may be flirting with me or simply asking for directions.

I have an idea of myself as an independent person, and my hearing loss forces me to confront that idea daily, to admit that I need help and that I need to ask for it.

Because there’s so little information out there for younger folks, I asked others who are deaf or hard of hearing to share their experiences with me, and this was their advice.

“My experiences with the dating game have been quite disappointing and disheartening, to be honest,” says Irena Farinacci, 45, who has profound hearing loss and who says she hasn’t dated seriously in the past four years.

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My hearing loss has changed my identity, my sense of self. In the US alone, 48 million people have some degree of hearing loss, according to a well-regarded Johns Hopkins study.