Mandating the metric system

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The public teachers of the 1970s began to teach metric, but quickly realized that the US was to be the only country (other than Liberia and Myanmar) which had a government that would not institute a true metric conversion.The teachers were left without a measurement ecosystem outside of their classroom to which they could teach, and so metric instruction was “all dressed up with nowhere to go.” Metric instruction has become perfunctory.Why not just create a new measurement unit for each circumstance—like medieval cultures did?The non-system we use in the US, measures feet in barleycorns (three barleycorns in an inch you know), to determine shoe size, instead of millimeters. My essay might help you with context when considering this question.details the teaspoon/tablespoon, gram/grain misdosage problem, which has been acknowledged by the medical community since at least 1902.Mandatory dosage cups in milliliters have been eschewed by industry for years, to the detriment of public health I may have the choice to set my GPS to meters and kilometers, but I don’t have the choice to press a button within my car and change the road signs to meters and kilometers.Metric construction saves 10-15% when compared with our non-system.

My essay might be instructive if you are unclear on this point.

But far more important, the very thesis of in the US, which does not allow me to purchase metric tools—despite my desires as a consumer.

One simply cannot readily purchase metric-only, mm-only, tape measures, and other tools in the US.

But the contract for Orion, the manned vehicle intended to replace the Shuttle, was awarded to Lockheed Martin, at least in part, on the understanding that all engineering would be submitted in thousandths.

Your response demonstrates an apparent technical ignorance about the metric system.

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