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On November 26, 2007, Osmond disappointed the judges during her freestyle performance when she attempted to imitate a doll as a nod to her fans.Judge Bruno Tonioli described her freestyle as "The loopiest thing I have ever seen. It's like Baby Jane and the In 1991, Osmond debuted her doll line on QVC.Her follow-up to "Meet Me in Montana" was a solo hit called "There's No Stopping Your Heart," which reached #1 in early 1986 for Marie.

She signed with the family's record label, MGM Records and began making concert appearances with The Osmonds.

Prior to the comeback success of her brother Donny in the late 1980s, Marie made a comeback in country music as a solo artist by signing a deal with Curb Records in Nashville.

In 1985, Marie and Dan Seals sang a duet called "Meet Me in Montana" which became a #1 country hit that year.

Osmond debuted as part of her brothers' act The Osmond Brothers on the Aside from her two eldest brothers (who are deaf), Marie was soon the only family member not involved in the music business.

After the initial success of The Osmonds in 1970, Marie's older brother Donny Osmond was gaining success as a solo artist on the Pop Music charts and was becoming a teen idol.

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She hit #1 again with a duet with Paul Davis with the song "You're Still New to Me." The Top-20 hit "I Only Wanted You," became her last major hit on the Country charts, to date.

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