Moroccan dating and marriage practices hialeah single and dating

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The young groom is accompanied by singing, dancing friends although usually, there are a few car hooters to add to the din.

Nowadays, instead of immediately consummating their marriage at this point, the two parties more often join together and the bride changes into an outfit reflecting her region.

There the bride is given a bath in hammam which is a sort of milk bath that is meant to purify the bride.

If the grooms parents are very wealthy, they will pay for these items themselves.

The bride would be lifted up on a circular cushion or table and the groom on the shoulders of his friends.

The two would then be carried to the bridal chamber where they would be expected to consummate their marriage.

The grooms name is often hidden in the henna designs.

The negaffa will usually take this opportunity to discuss the ‘secrets’ of marriage with the young virgin.

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And though young brides are still quite happy to don their ceremonial kaftans, these are now more often shop bought because modern machinery has caused hand-made kaftans to be considered an expensive rarity.