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If someone made that decision to do that, then that's their own fault.For your child to have joined a server based around sensitive topics you don't really want them to be around, they would have had to have looked one up and made that conscious decision to join it.Be vigilant about checking this app if you allow it.When my 2 children begged for Skype and such, I looked into alternative options, due to the pricy nature of it.Discord seems to be perfect from a safety standard and my children can chat to their friends very easily.It also is ideal for them to play games together with.

Leading on from this, Discord does have a setting that will automatically block what you don't want to see- mostly NSFW things that I imagine many parents don't want their children being exposed to.

An issue with a lot of the reviews being left on here, as it seems, is parents complaining about different things that their child has been exposed to within the app itself.

My first thing I'd like to address is that each user has a username and an ID number, making you hard to find unless you join a server/give out your name and ID, as both are needed to add people.

There is no way to prevent a child from going back into the settings & flipping that button back to re-enable explicit content.

When I contacted Discord Support, they confirmed that there is no way to password protect those settings.

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