Olga kay dating toby turner

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Olga kay dating toby turner

About once a week Toby uploads sketches, Tobuscus Adventures, which is an animated series featuring him and his friend Gabuscus; music videos such as "The Dramatic Song", "Safety Torch" and "The Sideburns Song"; as well as "Literal Trailers", the most popular of them being his "Literal Assassin's Creed Brotherhood trailer", with over 45 million views.

Toby's gaming channel, Toby Games has over 6.8 million subscribers and 1.9 billion video views.

Toby's main channel, Tobuscus, is currently one of the top 500 most subscribed channels on You Tube, with over 6.5 million subscribers and 2 billion video views.

He is known for his former viral video review series called "Cute Win Fail", which was in partnership with America's Funniest Home Videos.

She goes on to say that just because she felt uncomfortable, didn't mean that she felt pressured into doing stuff she didnt want to do.

he has also announced reaching the goal in one of his Lazy Vlogs.

In April 2016, You Tuber and ex-girlfriend of Turner accused him of abuse and rape.

Cute Win Fail and Toby Turner are no longer working together.

You can find the Cute Win Fail channel by clicking here.

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In a recent update to the campaign, Toby and his team set a new fundraising goal of $450,000.