Online dating rural areas

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Besides a few restaurants and dingy bars, there’s not a lot of things to do for dates or opportunities to meet new people.

I always hear advice to meet people by “finding new hobbies” and whatnot, but that’s hard to do when there’s not a lot available in such a rural area.

I like the idea another poster had of starting your own group activity if you can’t find one you like near you, but people in my town try this all the time and get maybe 2 or 3 people maximum that join, so things fizzle out before they even start.

As a side note, the communities (at least around me) are so small (and everyone already seems to know each other’s business) that it makes me uncomfortable with the prospect of online dating in such a small pool of locals.

It may come off as weird or awkward, but if there is anything mutual it is in your best interest to not play any games. So it's totally doable, just might be a bit more traveling than you'd like.

I've got friends that also did online dating, their spouses are from Ottawa, Toronto, and New Mexico.

Was wondering what you've thought of the dating prospects in Vermont, especially to those of you not originally from Vermont.

It will take time, but if you are new to an area certainly know that first impressions are very important and you could likely land a few dates solely for being "the new guy".

If new people my age do move here, it’s usually to a much more populated area farther away from where I’m willing to travel frequently.

I’m pretty sure there are more cows near me than potential dates!

And there is also the option of traveling to cities often and dating there, commuting for the sake of romance, and eventually seeing if your partner will move in with you out in the boondocks.

All of these strategies have done me well over the years.

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To avoid the awkwardness of a one-on-one with a stranger, hosts group hangouts so you can get to know a lot of singles without any pressure.

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