Online skype chating uk

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Online skype chating uk

Working for a mini-international, I use Skype daily to communicate with London, Chicago, Florida and beyond.For me, Skype is a valuable business communication tool.Before sending any files over Skype, it is generally best to ask our colleague whether that would be okay, or if they would prefer us to email it to them.

When looking to call someone over Skype (in a Skype-to-Skype call), it’s polite to ask for permission to ring before calling.

Most critical for unplanned calls, this even applies in instances where you’ve scheduled the call in advance.

Writing, will only take a few seconds away from the planned call time and will avoid catching someone off-guard.

Extremely casual dress, strange settings, colleagues walking by in the background, and close-up views of eating are just a few examples of how video can end up being more distracting than useful.

Skype is a good way to quickly share relevant files with our colleagues, but many people do not realize that Skype does not notify the recipient of a pending file transfer in the same way it flags up a new message.

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Video also allows us to show objects, drawings and other visual elements to our colleague to enhance the discussion.