Outlook updating inbox 0 b

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Outlook updating inbox 0 b

One complaint I hear every now and again is that colors won't show in the Categories column in Outlook.

The colors do show in an opened message or in the reading pane, but not in the message list.

You're upgrading the program you use to view the emails, not the email account(s) you use.

I just did the installation on my pc and I was able to see all of my old Hotmail emails. Val Here is the information from Windows explaining the different email programs they have available: Windows Mail is the mail program included in Windows Vista.

The installation will take about ten minutes to complete. Outlook Express is the mail program included in Windows XP.

From my research it appears that Vista Windows Mail is kind of problematic. The link is located at: If you aren't interested in trying the free upgrade could you send me a print screen of what you're seeing?

If the field on the left is a text field, the colors will show.

Resetting the view will fix it (because it will move the category field to the far right); if you want the Categories field to the left of From, you can change the field on the left to use text instead of an icon format and the color block will display once again.

I may have x amount of unread emails in my work inbox, but until i expand it i will have no idea that they are there.

Is there any way to auto expand all trees, or fix this annoying non-updating favorite folders.

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This is a bug in all recent versions of Outlook and it's easily fixed.

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