Preparing storing beyond use dating of buffered lidocaine

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The Scope of Pharmacy Practice Project1 found that 26% of technicians’ time is spent incollecting, organizing, and evaluating information. 5Sterile Preparations J&D Educational Services Pharmacy technicians must possess the following basic requirements to participate insterile compounding: • A working knowledge of the policy and procedure manuals for compounding, dispensing, and delivering sterile products.This course is not designed to take theplace of a formal education either in institutional settings or academic programs.It ismerely a review of compounding practices for pharmacy technicians who are currentlyworking in this area of the pharmacy or for technicians who would like to know moreabout the processes. The reasons for this vary greatly, but can include: • Special patient populations such as pediatrics, geriatrics, or the terminally ill (pain management). While the majority of perenteral products are prepared using commercially availablemedications and diluents solutions, pharmacy departments still perform intravenousmanufacturing.

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Policies and Procedures for Compounding Sterile Preparations IX. The compounding of sterile preparations is an integral part of any health-system setting.