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I was a bit bummed that Nicolas won because I just can't stand him, and he now has immunity for next week. I have been disappointed about Gordana because her garments the past couple weeks have been amazingly put together and well made, but she's just not reaching that place she needs to be in. I was definitely not sad to see Johnny go, I just wasn't getting much from him.

I hope she can step it up to avoid being eliminated. It just sucks that he got sent home on a mistake like this, I would have liked to see more of him. I thought Gordana's dress was really pretty, like they said you wouldn't have known it was paper.

This week, I’ll try to give myself a little more breathing room as I handicap some interesting week 8 matchups.

HOUSTON @ BUFFALOI need one more week to believe Houston is really breaking away from their “perpetually 8-8” reputation.

Christopher and Shirin are in the bottom for designing tacky crap and trying to pass it off as stage wear for Christina Aguilera, who as we all know, wears nothing but high class when she’s performing.

On the other hand, I barely squeaked by with my picks (7-6 week, 69-34 season).Life coach and founder of dynamic astrology Carolyne Faulkner has well and truly earned her title.People often have a preconceived notion of…It's easy to look back on old Hollywood glamour with a whole bunch of gooey nostalgia.Seeing as they're in direct contact with the ground, it's only inevitable that they'll pick up a multitude of stains throughout…Cults. Even the utterance of the word makes me simultaneously curious and terrified.And the public's morbid fascination with cult leaders, their members, the goings on inside these organisations, and just how people manage to get sucked…Although a vegan diet is considered to be eco-friendly, avoiding meat and dairy can have some nutritional consequences.

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Whether you go for a flared leg, straight leg or boxy fit, there is a suit that suits…If there's one person you wouldn't want to cross, it's Violet Crawley — otherwise known as the Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey.

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