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Those with intimidating personalities often don’t realize the effect they have on other people.They know they are good people and they don’t understand why others are frightened of their overly tough expressions or gestures.At the end of the day, if you say something in a rude way, no one will listen to what you said.If you have an intimidating personality, it’s difficult for you to understand other’s weaknesses and fragility.There is a difference between having a strong character and developing an intimidating personality.Some people have to fight and struggle all their lives.They always have their shield up and feel like they are in enemy territory.

These types of personalities tend to reject excessively nice manners.

Excessively defensive attitudes usually turn against you in the end.

Maybe you aren’t a “Mary Poppins” or a “Mother Theresa”, but that doesn’t mean you need to be overly hard on everyone else.

Sometimes the truth is told in such a brutal way that the listener completely forgets the content.

She only remembers the manner in which it was told.

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To find out if you fall into this category, ask yourself if you have one or more of the following characteristics.

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