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Radio what women spend on dating

So much extraordinary content can be mined from relationships – Met And Married In A Single Weekend.

If you want the phones to light up, don’t think only in terms of topic. Throw in animals and you’ve got a basic recipe for understanding the species. Food can really be the most fun thing ever to talk about. With shelter as your foundation (see what I did there? Listen, you absolutely want to talk to a guy who has 23 deer heads mounted on his living room walls. And, during the holidays, it’s always, always a great idea to take calls on Insane Christmas Spending, The Presents I Bought For Myself, and The Christmas Moment Money Can’t Buy. In 2015, humanity spent more than billion dollars on their pets. Anyway, there are roughly, oh about 60 billion different ways to talk with listeners about animals. In 2013, the DASH Conference was created - a mashup of radio and automotive, designed to foster better understanding of the "connected car" and its impact.Over the course of my career on Bob & Sheri, I estimate we’ve thrown out more than 5,500 different phone starters. Especially when that guy tells you each of their names and what his ex-wife thought about them. I don’t know about you, but most of my Facebook feed is taken up with pictures and posts about pets and kids. There’s the obvious: My Dog Destroyed It, Crazy Thing The Dog Ate, Stalked By My Cat, Mom Loved Poodle More Me And She Admits It. Remember when the news broke that cows are actually more dangerous than sharks? Along with providing the creative and intellectual direction for the company, Fred consults many of Jacobs Media's commercial and public radio clients, in addition to media brands looking to thrive in the rapidly changing tech environment.(I’ve got the notes I’ve taken on those topics and callers piled up in boxes in my office because I’m just that kind of radio weirdo. If You Could Only Eat Five Things For Rest Of Your Life…and so on and so on and so on. But that guy isn’t going to call to request a Bruno Mars song. Some of the best stories you’ll ever hear start out being about money and end up being about everything else. There’s money you steal, beg, lie about, pretend to have. Fred was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2018.Dynamic and compelling listener interaction is the secret sauce of a great radio show.Engaging callers reinforce the crackling sense of immediacy and intimacy that distinguishes radio from all other mass media.

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I also keep notebooks filled with ridiculous statements my partner makes just because it amuses me to torment him with his own cringe-y words. He’ll call when you throw out Decorating With Dead Animals. If you run out of ways to talk to listeners about the relationships in their lives, you might be in the wrong business. when King Alyattes stamped out the first coin, human beings have been super keen on money. Money you marry for, money you throw at someone in hopes they’ll love you for it.

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