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Reconsolidating loans

The late payments will stay on your credit report for seven years.

On the other hand, rehabilitating your defaulted federal student loans, which is another way to get out of default, removes all mention of default from your credit report.

One area you’ll want to pay close attention to is your accounts and payment history.

It could throw off your repayment plan if the information is inaccurate.

Consolidating your debts means your debts get transferred to a single lender.

In turn, you’ll only need to make a single monthly payment to the one lender.

If you have outstanding credit card balances, student loans, auto payments and mortgages, you may be a candidate for loan consolidation.

You should avoid private consolidation loans and companies that offer to help you get a Direct Consolidation Loan for a fee.

In theory, consolidating a number of higher-interest loans into one lower-interest loan makes sense.

Consolidated loans typically offer lower monthly payments, and making just one payment is simpler.

To consolidate a defaulted loan, you must apply through Student

You can submit your application online or through the mail after downloading and printing a paper application.

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When you’re carrying a heavy debt load, it may be hard to stay on top of payments, especially if your debts are spread out across several different types of credit cards and loans.