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I don't think you have to call off dating while you consider the rest of your life.

Breaks are fine, and if you don't feel like pursuing romance, that's OK. You can consider your career while scrolling through an app.

You shouldn't force yourself to do activities you dislike simply because men might be there. We had a Love Letters comedy event over the weekend, and I was sort of shocked by the scene there, and the fact that so many people were at the Comedy Studio bar looking cute and talking to strangers.

It can help to walk into an entirely different place and see it with single-person eyes.

I suggest volunteering during the event to get yourself out there. Roller Derby – Roller derby is just a gay friendly sport and is very accepting of its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) players.

When you think of roller derby you think of a bunch of butch women hashing it out.

LGBT Centers – If you do have a gay or lesbian center in your town it can be an excellent place to meet people.

Even if you don’t play sports it is a great opportunity to start up a conversation and meet someone new.

The local queer papers will host ads for gay friendly events and businesses.

Concerts – Concerts are a great was to meet people.

Everyone is there to have a good time so don’t be afraid to just go up to someone and start up a conversation.

The same goes with my life and career; I am looking to change my career and I am trying to determine whether I should eliminate dating completely and focus on going back to school or a new career, or give dating a shot and just live life.

As far as apps go, I downloaded dating apps for the first time in my life.

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