Santa dating glinda

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Santa dating glinda

Minni: Glinda becomes the "magical" little roommate of her and Milu's.

Minni thinks she is really cute and fun and loves to watch her do her silly things- she also totally ships Glinda with Milu out of the humor of the "destiny" moment despite knowing how uncomfortable Milu was with the idea.

As they become better friends, Shun lets Glinda take part in his Chinese traditions, which she respects and is in awe of, enjoying taking part in them.

In the beginning Shun is really embarrassed every time Glinda calls his crush on Minni a trope and wants to know more, and hyping over things, but after she gets more serious, Shun is more open about his feelings and will talk about them to Glinda.

She's still pretty optimistic and hopeful, but realizes that not everyone can be a nice person, and not everything will always turn out okay.

She's still silly and a bit eccentric, but much less imposing and no longer projects her love of anime and manga into real life.

She introduces Dot to pinky promises, and also promises Dot that she'll try her best to get through to Tempest.

She becomes really good friends with Glinda and does her best to help her out getting over Milu after he rejected her....

and will be just as supportive of them getting together after noticing how well they got along after the whole anime fantasy was broken off and they got to know each other as a person.

Glinda was rather panicky when she awoke, believing he was one of those who experimented on her before at the lab.

When she realized it wasn't him and she wasn't at the lab, she bowed and apologized over and over.

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They train together and Tempest helps Glinda hone in her super strength in order to gain more control over it.

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